So, I think in order to find out if somebody’s passionate, it’s not just a case of asking them if they’re passionate, it’s about asking them what it is that they’re passionate about, and what it is that they’re doing about it. So, they could be passionate about things outside of info-sec, and that’s fine in of itself. Obviously I want to know what makes them passionate about this role as well but it’s going to be things like getting involved in social media, actually attending events, engaging with people, perhaps even you know, blogging or writing papers about stuff that they may not necessarily be qualified to do, but they’re actually engaged enough to want to do it in the first place. I think actually finding out what it is that they’re actively doing is really important. I mean, I think the benefits are getting involved in things like social media and conferences is actually that they get to engage with people who are already in the business. They’re not just trying to get a job from the outside, they’re trying to work with people who are already in there, who can give them advice, who can point them in the right direction, and actually who can also refer them as well. So, I think you’re actually starting your career choice from the inside of a community rather than the outside.