Ian Jenkins MA, Senior Change Consultant, CLN – previous information and risk consultant at Age UK. Spoke at the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) Cyber Security, alongside Dr Emma Philpott MBE, founder of UK Security Forum, and Jon France at ISC(2), looking at how cyber security can help bridge the digital divide.

The ‘digital divide’ is the gap between people in society who do and do not have full access to digital technologies (including internet and computers). Concerns about the digital divide have been acute since COVID-19, as many less experienced internet users were forced to access services online, pay bills, attend medical appointments, order food, and stay in contact with friends and family. These less experienced users are highly vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Key issues:

*Independent market research – ‘One Poll’ survey of 1,987 over 65s 10-12 Aug 22

**Recent Third Sector and NCSC survey of over 120 charities


Ian highlighted three main challenges:

  1. To get those offline, on and upskill.
  2. Enhance private sector support.
  3. Address third sector gap.


To overcome these three challenges, Ian suggested: