Cyber Advisory services

Each service has been defined by our experience of working with businesses struggling to develop and maintain an effective cyber security practice. Our offering includes:

CISO Requirement Analysis

Working with senior stakeholders, we define the required type of CISO for the organisation, outline the most effective reporting lines, develop job descriptions, and provide guidance on remuneration and compensation.

Security Target Operating Models (STOMs)

A security target operating model is the key to successful operations and skills planning in cyber security. By having a future vision and goal, you can be more proactive about developing the long-term skills required to meet business needs – rather than short-term reactive recruitment.

Skills Audit – Capability Review

Our expert consultants will provide external verification of team members to ensure they have the required skills and attributes for their existing roles, and make recommendations as required. The skills audit will also highlight over-dependency on expensive contract or consulting firm resources, and provide guidance on steps that can be taken to address this imbalance.

Consultancy Transition

It is easy to become highly dependant on consultancy firms that know your business and can deliver resources to you quickly. Although it is an easy route to getting projects delivered, it can also be costly, time-consuming and difficult to manage. We will work with your business and the consultancy to define realistic objectives and handover points so that your business can start to become self-sufficient, reduce cost and have more control.

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