The Cyber Leader’s Network

The Cyber Leader’s Network is a research programme to aid in the development and maturity of skills and job roles within the Cyber Security Industry. Torquil Macleod established the network to provide organisations with a place to access industry-leading advice on the development of effective cyber security teams that align to business requirements.

Many of the challenges facing the cyber security sector are skills based, due to the poor definition of a STOM (Security Target Operating Model), the aligned roles within the model and how to recruit and train to align to the model.

Torquil is a trusted advisor to commercial and government clients and feeds into the All Party Parliamentary Group for the UK’s Cyber Security Skills Strategy.

Our Approach

We utilise a fact-based model developed upon the experience of information security leaders to advise clients. It has been created by extensive interviewing encompassing: – Information security leaders, C level executives, HR and the board of organisations.

We occasionally interview other experts from the sector who we believe have something of interest to share. Each interview is recorded and some are published on this site.

The Cyber Leader’s Network model is ever-changing as the Information Security market grows and evolves – we aim to ensure that organisations stay informed and have a solid skills plan that addresses the challenges of recruitment and retention within cyber security.

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